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A native of the East Coast, Eric Douglas has developed his Arizona sound since moving to Phoenix in 2002.  He has been writing and performing for more than 20 years, combining poignant storytelling with solid guitar, harmonica, and piano.

Eric recorded a six-song EP called These Streets in 2001, based on his experience in New York City.  In 2007, he finished his first full-length album, Building and Wrecking, with songs like “Heartland” and “Wood and Steel”.  He has continued to write and record, and released another six-song EP in 2016, titled Without a Net

The characters in his songs might be driving (as in "Until This Engine Dies" or "Nevada"), watching the world go by ("Chasing Trains"), or reflecting on his own vulnerabilities while looking in on the children at night ("World on My Back").  There is regret, hope, loss, and joy, with common themes centered around family and community.

Eric's live performances are engaging and intimate, as he expertly balances serious songs with a dry humor.  He will silence an audience with a ballad, and then get them laughing again at lighter songs like the fan favorite "Zombie's Lament".

He has performed at all of the major folk festivals in Arizona, in Glendale, Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Prescott.

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